Chemicals and biocide law


  • Advice to various companies on the classification and labelling of so-called treated goods
  • Advice for various companies on the marketing of hand disinfectants in the context of the Covid-19 crisis
  • Drafting of consortium agreements within the framework of the EU Sports Project for the implementation of the REACH Regulation
  • Advising companies on the identification of certain existing biocidal active substances as well as on their notification and approval (active substance-related approval) and on the subsequent product-related approval requirements (e.g. EU approval, simplified and referenced approval)
  • Advising companies on product labelling in accordance with EU and German chemicals law (CLP Regulation, Hazardous Substances Regulation, German Chemical Law, Chemicals Prohibition Regulation)
  • Advising a US garment manufacturer on nickel limits under the EU REACH Regulation and the impact of the repeal of the Commission/ECHA nickel guideline on the future interpretation of the relevant regulations.
  • Representation of companies in unfair competition law proceedings concerning misleading advertising of biocidal products and lack of labelling information
  • Preparation of expert opinions on the delimitation of biocidal products from veterinary medicinal products and cosmetics


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JUVE Handbook 2018/2019
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