Placing a product on the market often resembles a “marathon of duties” because the legislator imposes many demands on you – from the appropriate product classification to the related regulatory questions of product distribution and marketing. To ensure that you do not run out of breath before you reach the finish line, I advise you in the area of product regulation on the requirements imposed by public law, generally by European law, and the associated licensing, registration, notification and labeling obligations.

My particular expertise lies in product delimitation and substance classification (e.g. additives vs. nutrients or feed materials, novel foods vs. non-approved foods and ingredients, pharmaceuticals vs. food, animal feed, medical devices, cosmetics). But I am also frequently involved in price regulation and reimbursement issues which play an important role in the distribution of health products.


Industry all-rounder"
JUVE Handbook 2018/2019
"Frequently recommended lawyer" in food law
JUVE Handbook 2018/2019
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