Cosmetic and household products law


  • Advising various US companies on the labelling of detergents and cleaning products requirements in the EU
  • Advising a start-up company in connection with the marketing of individualized cosmetic products on regulatory and unfair competition law relevant issues
  • Advising a Canadian cosmetics company on the classification of products as cosmetics, the legal requirements for the distribution of cosmetic products in the EU and on specific advertising and labelling issues.
  • Ongoing advice to a global consumer goods manufacturer on current legal developments in cosmetics law and on innovative advertising claims.
  • Advising various US and Canadian direct sales and multi-level marketing companies on product launches of cosmetic products in Germany/the EU on the marketability of products, on specific substance law issues, on the creation of product information files, on notification in the CPNP, on labelling and advertising as well as the representation of such companies in administrative and unfair competition law proceedings
  • Representation of a German cosmetics manufacturer in criminal and administrative offence proceedings for violations of reporting obligations and incomplete safety assessments
  • Advice of a French retail chain on reporting obligations in connection with infringements of cosmetic product compliance
  • Preparation of contracts with the responsible person for the marketing of cosmetic products in the EU for various non-EU based companies


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JUVE Handbook 2018/2019
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